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Mission Operations

Reliant Space offers comprehensive ground-to-space and space-to-ground mission operations engineering services across the entire lifecycle—from formulation to on-console operations.

Our team harnesses extensive expertise in space vehicle systems, subsystems, and components to deliver mission formulation design analysis and concepts, progressing through operations product development, and verification and validation phases


Real-time expertise

We take charge of end-to-end mission readiness tests, conducting rigorous assessments from mission operations centers to space vehicles to verify operational concepts, interfaces, and products.        

Our domain expertise covers mission planning and scheduling, command and control, telemetry and data handling, payload operations, fault detection and monitoring, and ground station operations.         

Concept Development

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Product Development

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Readiness Testing

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On-Console Operations

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Planning and Scheduling

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Simulations and Rehearsals

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Moreover, we specialize in mission simulation and rehearsal operations training and certification for flight operations, covering critical phases such as launch and early orbit operations, nominal operations, and contingency operations.    

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