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Systems Engineering

& Integration Services

Reliant Space provides comprehensive lifecycle systems engineering and integration services tailored for both space and ground systems.
We guide projects from their conceptualization stage through requirements derivation, product development, system deployment, and operational verification and validation. 

Reliant Solutions
Our systems engineering processes

are tailored to the unique needs and mission timelines of each project, allowing for process flexibility while still maintaining the highest standards of due diligence and rigor.

Concept of Operations development, from required capabilities through functional allocations to subsystems, systems, and elements.

Identification, derivation, allocation, and management of mission, element, system, and subsystem requirements providing bidirectional traceability across the mission life.

Development and management of element, system, and subsystem interface requirements documents, description documents, and control documents.

Development of verification and validation products. Including V&V plans, procedures, and test events at both factory and site deployments.

Development of Mission Concept Reviews, System Requirements Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews, and Mission Operations Reviews.

Our innovative approach to